For easter 2014, BUZZMAN x GROUEK present

The biggest eggs

hunt ever


Previously in 2013

After entertaining young and old ones last year, Milka returned in 2014 with a Easter eggs hunt even more huge ! 5 gardens to explore, exclusive bonus, scratch cards in store, and much more…

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2014 Desktop version

Kids were able to travel the world to find hidden eggs in one of the five universes : tropical, Zen, polar, spring or savanna. Day or Night, they went hunting for eggs with the kind assistance of the Milka rabbit. But beware, you had to be quick because the competition was fierce among all the hunters !

5 different universes

The Spring garden


Designed entirely in HTML5, experience has been improved on tablet, for a scratching even more reactive. Kids had to be quick to find hidden eggs amoung the 5 gardens. !

Mobile Version

A mobile version was also available and allowed you to scratch a mini version of the gardens. Player could discover a time bonus that could help him to discover the soft egg on his computer or his tablet.

Scratch Card

Scratch cards were also distributed in many shopping malls in France. And like the mobile version, children could win extra time and increase their chances to find an egg and win one of many gifts !

conception :

production :

sound design :

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